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  1. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Prison Buying, selling or trading?: Selling What I am Selling: Selling maxed 475 pickaxe at prison pm me your offer at discord Discord : ⎛⎝DisguisedToast⎠⎞#5742 How I would like to be contacted: Discord PM
  2. I am a 14 yr old high school person, I play 2-4 hours everyday sometimes I can't play due to wifi running out of load In prison, Most of my playtime goes to OP Prison, so yeah "SHOUT OUT TO OP PRISON" Also! I will never forget about NitrosKnight because he wanna EAT ME! I mean who wants to eat me? I'm a "DISGUISED" toast, how can you see through my Disguise? Are you using xray to see through? Don't care really, since I'm still not eaten OK back to the topic! I am DisguisedToast Topic Ends OwO Thanks for reading