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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


Season 9 has been a economically-domination by people who were playing since the start and leave no space for new people to fit in the economy.
Thus, this is a suggestion for Season 10.

(1) Prestige Reduction: Now assume the Rebirth we will reach as x. The Max Prestige shall be 15x now. Lets say I am Rebirth 3 and I soon reach Rebirth 4 so my MaxPrestige is 15*4=60.
(2) Prestige Cost Increase: Prestige Cost shall be increased by around 80-85% considering (1).
(3) Max Excavation: Max Excavation is 5 as of now. It should become 4 and yes, 3 from tokens and the final 4th level from books.
(4) Nerf Nuke: Nuke now has its own multi called "Nuke". When a Nuke happens it gives money based on the Nuke Multi and crystals dont affect that.
-> Nuke's Max Level shall be 8 now.
-> Nuke Multi can be increased by Rebirthing. +0.2 per rebirth. When someone is Rebirth 0, he/she gets no money from Nuke.
(5) Rebirth Keys to give lease rewards. The below rewards shall be changed.
150H AMTT -> 75H AMTT
200H AMTT -> 100H AMTT
10% Prestige Discount -> 3% Prestige Discount
+14 Days Jarvis Slot -> +20 Days Jarvis Slot
Store Coupon -> - Coupon
(6) Addition of /renting: As promised earlier, renting shall be added. A player can put the pickaxe on /renting for rent with a certain amount charged to the lender per hour (set by borrower). When the lender logs out the pickaxe is set back on rent.
(7) Max Itemshop Slots: Itemshop Slots are 6 in the start (No +1's). Now it shall be changed to 8.
(8) Buff Atomize: Atomise shall give more money now. Mainly, tokens too.
(9) Addition of "Crystalite". Crystalite is a mythical rarity item obtainable from Rebirth Keys. Upon right clicking it it makes a Gem with a value between 0.1-0.8 and upon consuming the gem, the certain multiplier shall be added to the Sell Multi.
(10) Enchant Prices: Enchant Prices shall be decreased by ~5%.
(11) /topkills rewards. Now, every month like /topvotes. /topkills shall get some rewards. The 1st one getting a Gold Voucher, 2nd gets Iron, 3rd gets Coal.

To top all of that:
(12) Max Rebirth: There's Seasonal Playtime now. Playtime but from the current season. The max Rebirth is the Seasonal Playtime in days multiplied by 1. A person with 2d 22h playtime's max rebirth is 2, so on.


No Changes to Pets, and other things unmentioned. The reset should roll out soon considering current economy. @Skully

Make this seen to all bros. Show your power.

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