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In-Game Name: UsernimLul

What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server


Briefly explain the bug/issue:

What?!? Party in skyblock? Why?

it isnt like an abuseable bug but like WHAT?




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This is not a bug. The purpose of the party plugin is for alliance, talk to each other instead of /is tc or /island chat, this feature is only available on skyblock. There are no use for this, but it can definitely be used on chatting to people with your country language have private messages to the whole group from different islands.  This is also useful in /warp pvp, being in a party with people will prevent you from hurting them, if you want to duel, then you could always leave the party and join again. It has many useful uses, and of course negative uses, which includes;

1. Bypassing of Chat Filter (Swearing, Flooding, Inappropriate Comments, etc.)

2.  Toxicity towards the Other Party Members

3. Can create a argument without the Main Chat knowing or seeing it

4. Sexual Harassment

I don't get why you have considered this as a bug, when it really isn't. 

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