[Prison Server] Bug Report


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In-Game Name: TTV_jahr3d_2009

What is the bug related to?: Prison Server


Briefly explain the bug/issue:

So i was building this glass platform in my p h ( i was at limited creative at this moment) then like after i was finish i put an item frame on the glass with my god sword on it then i did some changes in limited creative then i accidentaly right clicked the item frame ( i was in limited creative) then boom it is gone forever. 

The enchants on why sword: 
from enchanment table : sweeping edge 3,  Knockback 2  and looting 3
 ommons: inomisia 7, thundering blow 3 , Headless 3 , Obliterate 5 and Epicness 3
Rare: featherweight 3  and skill swipe 5
Elite: blind 3, shakle 3, excecute 6 , paralyze 1, reforged 10, trap 3, demonforged 2, vapire 3 and  greatsword 4, 
ultimate: Assasin 5 , enrage 2 and  ice aspect 1
Legendary: double strike 3, inquistive 1, inversion 2, lifesteal 2, disarmour 4, silence 3 and  kill aura 3
mytical: shadow assasin, paradox 3
and thats all I had in my sword thats all thank you. 

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