[Prison Server] Bug Report


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In-Game Name: TTV_jahr3d_2009

What is the bug related to?: Prison Server


Briefly explain the bug/issue:

123016693_3456021721152772_4584651082712381417_n.png.b7dc286b757d8d3072b40c41e30ec803.png123103602_369730530747533_7866021567323314111_n.png.f19cb6254cc75886dbcd938e745f4bd0.png122831317_5214636805228736_6699154106759107965_n.png.fa8d1e1740ebb2ffbd2dfd59b8ebccbd.png     It says I have no prestige no tokens or mined blocks The only thing that I did today was basically lagging I only had 1 bar  of internet sometimes it kept saying loading terrain then all the sudden disconnected and my prestige is 20 I had 130k tokens and 150k blocks mined before this bugged happend and i lost all my autominer time which is 47 hrs of automining.


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New update just lost all my autominer time
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