[Selling] Ore Blocks... Again


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Server: Skyblock
Buying, selling or trading?: Selling

What I am Selling:

So... I was selling ore blocks with only a little stock left.


Now, I've got a lot of stock, I'm going to nerf the price a little (+5% for every ore block)

Coal: 7.5k --> 8.25k

Iron: 20k --> 21k

Gold: 30k --> 31.5k

Lapis: 6k --> 6.3k

Diamond: 50k --> 52.5k

Emerald: 70k --> 73.5k

Netherite: 500k --> 525k (NOT in stock)

How I would like to be contacted:
You can do the command /msg 3AKidsAlt or contact me via Discord to hasanchan#7628.

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