[Prison Server] Bug Report


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In-Game Name: poop12

What is the bug related to?: Prison Server


Briefly explain the bug/issue:

So what happened just now, I was in prison casually doing my own thing. I was going to withdraw 28.09Q (my original bal) and then store it in my pv 1 (Just in case something goes wrong) as i did that Ive went to Rae's 3rd plot to sell my tokens. Then what happened as i got there, during the middle of teleportation , it somehow said ive redeem my original banknote but my banknote is in my pv. So ive checked that it said its still there. Im like huh, did i actually made double of my money but at the same time i didnt use it so i made a ticket. Later 20mins into the game, Ive tried to withdraw and /trash just for unfair usage . But since there is another  28.09q i was like lets withdraw and see if its still the actual bal like actual glitch  but turns out it disappear. So im like cool they fix it so i redeem back my original money. 


P.S :The one that i redeemed back and prestige with is my original money. The one with the glitch disappeared. I didnt use the glitch money just saying.

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