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1. New enchantment: Zombie

 this can be added to any piece of armour and when the player is in combat with any piece or armour with the Zombie enchant on it,  and is really low on health, it will give the player regeneration effect but will also give blindness or weakness to make sure that it is not OP

2. New enchantment: Sniper(or something else, idk)

this is for bows and will give a better chance of hitting a person. Like a little attraction towards the target. Also, to make it not so OP,

we can just give it a low probability of hitting the target, like only 1 in 8 arrows will have better accuracy

3. Spawners in skyblock : we could maybe have a faster spawn rate for the mobs spawned using a spawner as it is really hard to grind for mobs

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First two suggestions are more combat/PvP related, we feel that there is already enough feature support and enchants to this and we're not heavily focused on PvP since it is a prison server.

Spawners are being overhauled and performance will be significantly improved in the next update.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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