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  1. Ok sorry but yesterday anyway my friend was doing a livestream on totally reliable delivery game. So I was playing with him.
  2. Um hey I today will visit ur is ok?
  3. I want to say that I was having 53 hours of play on the server and then I guess because of a glitch It has permanently reset and it was showing only 3 hours after I came back to play skyblock. When I checked on every server like survival and prison it was showing 3 hours but now after playing for a lot of time on the server I increased my playtime to 11 hours
  4. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Husky_Gamer What is the bug related to?: Other Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello, I just wanted to ask that is there a glitch or bug in every game? Because before 3 days I was having my playtime as 53 hours but, now It shows in every single game that whenever I use /pt to check my playtime It shows only 11 hours but before that it was showing 3 hours. I have been playing on the server from 4 months. Please help me because I wanted to ask with this glitch/Bug can I apply for staff because you require 48 hours of play on the server and as well I want to apply as builder for our server and for that you need 24 hours of play on the server.
  5. Nah I wanted to say just add spawners in next reset in shop or get a spawnershop command like my server has /spawnershop. Soooo they should add spawners shouldn't they??
  6. Hello why hasn't anyone replied to my topic yet??
  7. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description This is regarding spawners in the survival server. As you might be knowing it is hard to find spawners that are naturally generated or the 2nd option which everyone finds this the most preferable. Buying from others. I wanted to suggest to add custom spawners like blaze, zombie, skeleton, Iron golem, Ghast, Magma cube and all others minecraft mobs. And I also wanted a virtual shop which would open by typing /shop and then buy whatever you want at SAME prices [Not like the shop which currently Survival has] want it to be like skyblock type shop. And yes also if my suggestion is added then please also add custom mob heads and make a sell section in the virtual shop like sell zombie head for 300$ skeleton head for 405$ ghast head for 700$ and etc.
  8. No that is not what is supposed to happen.
  9. Ohhhhhh thats the problem. So you can't actually move the blocks.
  10. Just make a flying machine in front of the noteblocks and charge it [Noteblocks are moveable blocks ] and the at the other side make crushers with pistons done it will be easy
  11. Yes observers won't detect if we are offline and sometimes change their redstone signal to manual only when powered by other redstone. [I suggest in trying to connect a redstone clock to the observers or pistons :}]