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  1. Exactly what iconop said, we need some PvP minigames with different types of maps where we can invite our friends to play on, I agree with the private PvP session but their PvP stats won't be ruined or changed whether they lose or not. I'm looking forward or WE are looking forward for the future updates on UltraNetwork. But there's a problem, the owners are quite busy, there are no staff to help them out, Memeologist_, the builder, is also busy or in a some sort of vacation I'd say? The owner doesn't have enough time to do what we suggested or they have planned to make the server this way, we'll wait for further announcements as we continue to play in this server.
  2. Not really, yes it can be used for beacons also, but what's the use of the other ore blocks if it's not going to be used for a beacon? I'd say we could sell it to other players for a unusual price or for overpriced, will that really help the economy? It's easy to get money on Skyblock, yes. But what about the players who needs netherite and are short on money, it'll be really tight on them. Now that I think about it, island levels don't matter to players. For me, it's just for flexing, and for bragging. Understand that we're both right and wrong. But I guess the final decision is on the owners themselves.
  3. I am agreeing with this. I'd suggest adding a PvP or minigame like ImInaty said. Also I suggest reviewing the post Zephyr posted above. It could help the server. Players continues to join the server because of people voting, and donating to the server, also advertising it if I might add. OG Players are currently quitting because it gets quite boring without any interesting updates. If the owners are planning to make their first minigame, I'd suggest making a simple one first, like Skywars, Spleef, UHC, KitPvP and many more. I also suggest making the hub also interesting. A PvP hub probably? Though it's just a suggestion. Create more parkour with checkpoints. Doing this will make the server more interesting and addictive. Also I've thinking about this suggestion I got lately... I was thinking of making Guilds with a maximum of 50 players, have Guild wars, Guild Quests, Dungeons and more. I got this from Zephyr's idea last time when we talked about what's gonna be cool if this got added on the server. I'd guarantee this will attract a lot of players and get the OG players back and play the server again. Who knows? UltraNetwork might be one of the most popular server! I know there's only 1 builder..? I think, it might be hard for Memeologist_, there are tons of good builders on the server. We'll continue to support for the server's improvement.
  4. Well, netherite may be hard to find but it's actually useless. What it does do? Make our tools, weapon and armor netherite. Craft it to netherite blocks, place it, and what do we gain? We can always sell it to some people.
  5. Aye Aye! I have Donator role on discord, I think I only need it here! I've bought stuffs from buycraft last March! IGN: MarianDragneel Discord: Marian#4636 Thanks
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: All Servers Description I've decided to ask everyone's suggestion on the server, so this is basically most players' suggestions and a summary of what's to be fixed, and add. Prison, Survival, Skyblock gamemodes. Suggestion on what to add more to the server for more players. ---- Skyblock: 1. Fix Island Border, the more space we have, the better. 2. Add choppers for the crops and mob loot, netherwart, bones, rotten flesh, etc. 3. Add end generator, contains iron block (dead mentioned it before), end stone, purpur, chorus plants. 4. Add more spawners, e.g., villager, parrot, like last season. 5. Make growth time faster for crops, such as sugar cane. 6. Add spawn eggs, e.g., parrot, ocelot, wolf, horse, and etc, like last season. 7. Shorten the /xpbottle cooldown slightly, from 3 hours to 2.75 hours. 8. Add more missions to /is challenges. Add daily challenges, too. 9. When a person is afk, make the /pt count stop. It seems unfair for people who are not online since being afk is considered not playing. 10. Add Obsidian to Nether Generator. 11. Add Emerald Ore to Overworld generator. But it's extremely rare. 12. Make sure everyone gets a reward whenever there's a voteparty. Add keys on voteparty. More prize the better. 13. Add an auto reboot every 12 hours uptime, as it tends to get laggy sometimes. 14. World Limit and/or caps filter on item rename. You can bypass flood, and spam. Also Caps Bypass. 15. Make rare keys, legendary keys, and other keys most likely to be obtained. 16. An island permission for world edit. /is perms >> Usage of world edit. 17. Add cracked stone bricks and mossy stone bricks to /shop. 18. Add netherite to /shop. 19. Add /warp pvp and fix pvp, if not, reconsider the other suggestion below. --- (The suggestion above was mostly from me, and 3AKidsAlt) --- Suggestion that needs to be reconsidered: (Skyblock) This is a custom Skyblock, and there are mcmmo skills. What if you guys add an arena, or a dungeon, it'll not help us practice and test our skills. But it'll help us enjoy the game a lot more, attract other players' attention, too! Upon making the dungeon, there'll be multiple level and stages and after completion, 3 chests will appear. You'll choose one chest over the other two, 1 can contain nothing, 1 can contain common loot, & 1 can contain rare loot, it can be solo, or teamed. A team with a maximum of 4 people. Upon reading the rules, Skully said about a guild chat, why not have a guild here for that instead of /party. ---- Prison: 1. Add /fix on /perks. New people needs it! 2. Add more sell multiplier. 3. Luckyblocks should have an increased chance of getting more books. 4. Add back /gang commands. ---- Survival: 1. Get diamonds with the money from voting. 2. Add a confirmation method to buy an item on /shop. Like 'Are you sure to buy this item?' 3. Better Mob spawn rates. Wither skeletons and such mobs are hard to find. ---- Suggestions For Other Gamemode: I know this is shocking that there's already someone suggesting for an another gamemode! We already have 3 gamemodes, what if we have minigames next? Unlike the other servers, I'm not comparing, I suggest or We, me and ZephyrJager99, or Phantasm_Cloud suggest you to add practice/minigames gamemode, like bedwars, skywars, etc. For the practice gamemode, we'll love it if you add bridging practice mode, speed bridging, god bridging, breezily, etc. It'll help your players improve, and your server as well. ---- I'll also suggest on adding a premium IP address for the server. ---- Thanks! ---- This is a lot. I know. LOL. I tried hard to get everyone to suggest so they won't make anymore suggestion thread, it's better if there's only one, so you don't have to change suggestion threads everytime.
  7. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: MarianDragneel What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I bought 21x Blaze Spawners, stacked them on the other spawner, when I headed to the other spawner which is only 1x spawner. I can't seem to stack them, I tried and tried when I decided to report this here. After I thought about reporting this, I decided not to but to ask my island members to try to stack them and to confirm that it isn't only me who's having this problem. It didn't stack. The spawner I bought are from /shop. I can't stack them neither my island member, Funimation12. He'll probably going to report this too. I removed the spawners using my pickaxe with silk touch and tried again but still didn't work.
  8. ._. hello nice to meet ya'! to those who saw my post u guys are so COOL