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  1. oh yes i forget i had that idea for a while, as the server being not p2w, i suggest to add a new rank called ( Copper ) for the new ore and it can only be claimed if u mine an amount of blocks like 10M or 15M, and it can be between the iron and the gold. becuz there are a lot of players who spend all of their time on the server but can't afford a rank, so ig its a good idea to add a new rank u cant buy it.
  2. Hi i am iKeera, i have been playing on this server for like 3 or 4 years, and i enjoy playing with the community. i have some suggestions that came to my mind, and i would like to share it here. ARENA :- 1- the amount of money paper we get its filling the /claim and it has a value of Billions, and take a lot of time claiming and redeeming them, so i suggest to low the chance of getting them and increase the value to +1T at least. 2- add sweeping edge to the sword (not important). 3- i know the chance of getting an enchantment book (not vanilla enchant) is ver