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  1. https://forums.ultranetwork.net/forum/18-ban-appeals/ Create a ban appeal here ^
  2. Because this is a cracked server, usernames = accounts, regardless if you're premium or cracked. As long as you remember the password (via /login <password> on our server), you'll be able to log back into your old account. (You can do this by making a cracked account with the username schaufell for example)
  3. Wiktionary

    mute appeal

    There is no such thing as a Mute Appeal, you'll have to wait out your mute
  4. Doesn't look like it's possible, you can only change the minecraft username.
  5. Hey back, I'm Kriss. For real though, welcome back. You can get your gold rank back by messaging either Skully#8379 or DeadMaster#7001 on discord.
  6. Hello Just to clarify: Your account hasn't been banned. Shoot me a pm on discord: Kriss#6240 and we'll fix it from there
  7. That’s my life explained in 3 sentances.
  8. https://forums.ultranetwork.me/index.php?app=form&module=forms&controller=index&do=viewform&id=1 Fill out the forms, you have to meet the requirements.