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I have a few questions about the server reset. I hope some experienced server members are willing to answer them.

About how often do resets occur?

What survives a reset (ranks, pmines, commands, etc)?

When will the next reset take place?

My most important question is the second one, and I think a few others are wondering about this topic as well so I will appreciate any and all answers to this topic.

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Resets occur generally when a servers economy becomes degraded due to too many players having large amounts of money and they give it out to others too often, resulting in newer players being able to get money easier as well, there is no specific planned timespan when resets occur, there can be years between resets.

The only thing that stays after a server reset is any content purchased on our webstore, this includes tags, commands, ranks, plot mines, keys, etc.

As for the next reset, as stated previously there is no planned timespan for resets, they happen depending on how the server economy is going and right now things seem perfectly fine on both Prison and Skyblock so we have no plans in the near future.

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