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  1. Well, I remember Dead mentioning a Practice PVP server before but that is it.
  2. I hope he considers it as a "Yes", only if the lag and bugs are not that big of a problem. I don't play SB, but I used to and if I were still playing it I would not be happy having to play with lag.
  3. We used to have OP faction but no one really played it and so they removed it from the server.
  4. That is a really good deal. Hope someone trades with you. ☺
  5. I agree with this idea. It truly does get annoying and I can't even read the chat when it happens.
  6. I really would not care about how cool it looks. I would, however, work on decorating it when I am at the top.
  7. Most are allowed but some can be used at your own risk.
  8. I love how everyone loves his/her island.
  9. Welcome, and your island is amazing. Hope you have fun on UN!
  10. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: KhosrawYT What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Autosell has been mentioned 2 times.
  11. Perfect for creating Schematica. Though I am not sure if it will work well because things can go wrong if it becomes laggy. Lag is the biggest concerning part about it. I agree with this idea.
  12. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: KhosrawYT What is the bug related to?: Forums Briefly explain the bug/issue: I was trying to login with my google account and then this happened. Also, can you please remove the account KhosrawAzizi on the forums. That was my previews account that I don't use anymore so can you please remove it.
  13. Well, that is sad. I used WorldEdit for making cactus farms and man, now it is removed.