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  1. I'm complaining about this because it's not the ranks. Ranks is good and it benefits the person that needs it but if you guys realize especially the owners and admins. Do my eyes deceive me or is it supposed to be that way about Rank Up. I'm gonna make quick calculation about this and let you guys decide whether it's supposed to be this way or no I'm diamond rank right now and after counting the money i need to ru to emerald, i realize that it's more expensive than the emerald ranks itself. So, Emerald Rank is $49,99 and Diamond Ranks is $42,49 so the margin that i'm supposed to pay for ru-ing from diamond to emerald is supposed to be $7,50 right ? If i counted correctly. But on ru, Diamond to Emerald costs around $16,99 and Emerald to Bedrock is $21,29 So counting from the beginning of my ru from iron to diamond it's $44,1 and if i ru again to Bedrock, it's gonna cost me $82,38. It's basically the same as Ender... so Basically with ru-ing to bedrock i can buy full diamond rank or basically i supposed to get Ender rank. Do you mind explaining me this ?