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  2. I won: 1 coal kit voucher 7 iron kit vouchers 1 kit keys voucher
  3. All of these suggestions are great! I am looking forward on it.
  4. Will I be a Totem Toilet? Lets find out tomorrow!
  5. I am excited for this. Philippine Standard time: September 1 2 P.M
  6. Hey sisters or gamers or what ever you want to be called!!!! I am here to find people for the /feed gang. To enter the rules are simple. Just reply to this exact topic and you might have a chance to have /feed permanently!!!(Only for Prison. Big sad) Good luck having the most useless command!
  7. With the new update in Prison and SB chats, people in-game can ping people from Discord. Isn't it annoying to get cold pinged by someone in-game for no absolute reason whatsoever? Example you are taking your daily dosage of memes then someone just pings you for nothing and for fun. I think the ping feature should be removed in the bots because it can be very annoying. I hope you get the idea.
  8. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Buying What I am Buying: Im buying CREDITS for 10k/each. Feel free to message me in game if I am there Ign: Toiletian Or you can spam me on discord Disc: Toiletian#0325 How I would like to be contacted: Discord and In game
  9. Give rights to toilets! We are being abused by many people. Even here in UltraNetwork. xd
  10. Hi I am Toilet. I flush Toilets. I Like Mining and Footing. Thats all have a nice day.
  11. Nice to meet you Daddy Mafia
  12. I would like to have donator rank in forums. I bought /feed and coal to iron IGN:Toiletian