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  1. I know this may seem as an "extreme" suggestion, but my suggestion is that there should be Allies Chat and Gang Chat in discord. The reason to why I think this may be a great suggestion is that, some people, i.e me aren't active in game, but may want to speak to certain or multiple people within the server. I think this would be a great suggestion as, when I join the prison chat off of discord, I do not necessarily always want to communicate with other players, I would want to communicate to a specific player, or multiple specific players (usually within the gang I'm in, or the allied gangs). I do not necessarily think there should be an /ac or /gc, but there should be a separate channel, where each person has that certain channel linked to their gang and allies, and also which should be automated, as, if someone decides to leave their gang, it would automatically disable the specific channel, or it should automate it to the following gang/ group of allies they join. This may also make it easier for users to keep up to date, without being on the server. As they can see what is going on within the gangs and allies they are a part of. I believe it should be located within the discord "chat" area, and as I said, there should only be ONE, but that ONE channel should be based on the user's ign. This suggestion will make it way easier for people to communicate as a group, outside of the UN server. This will also be good because communicating as a group outside of the server would be toxic, sometimes, but having the "allies/gang" chat, as it would be implemented within the discord server, it would manage to keep somewhat of the issues away. This would be very useful, as there are many high donator ranks, which always get spammed when communicating in game, or from discord. This is a way which would manage to cut the amount of notice some people get. Thank you!
  2. Recently as Ultra Network is growing, I've noticed many people of French background/ French speakers joining. I think that having a /fc or /frenchchat just as there is /spanishchat, would be good, to minimise the amount of mutes to do with people speaking foreign languages in main chat, but to also make the start of new players easier. This could also help bring more people together, and create a friendly environment, rather than one full of hatred because of all the mutes some "foreigners" gain. Being a fluent French speaker, I try to help many new French people, but I cannot, as I would get muted for speaking french to someone, also /msg is only available when the person has 1h+ pt. Implementing a French chat would be amazing, and I believe having a French friendly server would also gain many new players. Alongside, I believe that if this suggestion would be implemented, there should be a French separate chat on the UN discord server, just as there is a Spanish one! Thank you! Hoping to see a good output from this suggestion!