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  1. Its overall a great idea imo but the "Free rankup" if you mean as a Free RU like Void>Ender It will probably not happen but as Titan>Titan-II it might work, I believe it's a cool concept nonetheless
  2. ItzSamme


    Would like Dark Wood added to the shop
  3. Or just make it so each player can give 1 rep + or - to each player
  4. As you said the other server had the problem of people doing -s randomly. Me and my friends usually did it to eachother for "fun" but with the alts, maybe you could have somethnig checking for alts and if its an alt you can't +s the person with the same IP? idrk...
  5. On another server I used to play on they had /rep [Name] + or - and if you had a good reputation you got some priveliges and was obviously well known and people trusted you more when doing trades with you and if you didnt have good pretty much nobody did trades with you since people used it for trading mostly. But I think it would be a nice touch in the UN community and maybe have a competition of who has the most reputation everytime you choose the winners of Top Voters etc.
  6. I want them rank vouchers and bank notes
  7. ItzSamme

    New crate

    I was thinking of something like a crate that has upgrade vouchers such as Excavation 4 and luckymining 30 (with High rarity ofcourse) and you get it maybe every 30 Million blocks or you buy it from the store.
  8. ItzSamme

    Banner material

    Hi, I would appreciate if you added Banner material such as Vines, all colors (including lapis lazuli since its needed for some banners) and make it into a section in the shop or just add them or if you have any better suggestion on where to add it that works perfectly fine.