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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    I started playing this server like 1-2 weeks ago, this server has the best community, because it only allows you to speak in English (or speak in Spanish at /spanish chat) to make everyone understand, and to know if there are players are being toxic. Of course begging for money is not allowed, the server is already overpowered, but some people are willing to help if ever they really need help. And I just registered today in this Forum, so I'm going to introduce myself. I am Cabsuu, playing Minecraft for 6 years until now, and my favorite type of server is Skyblock. I like Skyblock because I like to work hard in obtaining stuff and build some good designs in my island. I am still honing my skills in building and using redstone mechanics. I'm already good in these both but I want to improve better. Here's my Island, my progress that I worked so far, it's not yet done because my teammate is 24/7 offline. (Yeah it's hard to play solo >.>) Anyways, nice to meet you all.
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    Cool island, better than mine tenfold lmao Welcome to the server bud, have a great stay too Always be watching from the sidelines here >:3
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    Welcome! Enjoy our server. I hope to see you in-game sometime
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    thats a very nice island enjoy playing on THE BEST MINECRAFT SERVER!!
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    Welcome, and your island is amazing. Hope you have fun on UN!
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    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Fixed for next reboot
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    Welcome, and cool island
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    Auto Builder for Skyblock

    Alot of people dont like building cactus farms so why not add an auto builder, they can for example buy a 1 chunk 200 blocks high cactus farm for 10M etc. etc.
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    Dead has already heard this from me but I want to get your point of views. So I was wondering if you could add a setting for "TNT Breaks Blocks". So this island setting will allow TNT to break blocks on your island but have it not able to break blocks such as: Chests, signs, item frames and any storage items. This will allow for more automatic farms. Thanks. killer10129.
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    If possible tnt should break ONLY ores, emerald blocks and stones that generated by a cobblestone generator. That way the abusing of tnt could be evaded and would be less laggy. Looking forward to this suggestion 👍
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    Old UN to new UN?

    Hey Jacob, I joined near the end of mid-2018. One thing I noticed was that a lot of the old staff members have left or they were demoted. I know none of the current staff members(except Dead and Skully). As PikChu mentioned, a lot of players left or at least the ones I knew. We had really popular players on too, but they also left. I just joined back in the UN and things have changed. Not changes in-game, but changes in the community. Things just change but we don't notice it.
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    Rights for Toilets!

    Toilets are really useful. Especially when I have to relieve myself
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    [Prison] Mining Rewards

    Adjusted, more improvements to come
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    finally christmas holidays.. so tired .. 5th grade is real hard guyz 😫