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    [PRISON] /ce overhaul

    [THE LONG STORY AND THE EXPLANATION] Greetings! I have played UN throughout the last 3 seasons and I must say. I admire the amount of work put into the server and the amount of things that have changed over the past couple of years, in a good way of course. The economy is more balanced, the ambient on the server is very enjoyable, everything is much easier to understand and more noob-friendly. But ever since I came back like a week ago there has been this one thing that's bugging me. I was thinking about how I used to love to pvp with my friends with our /ce armor sets, so I went out on a mission to make myself a gset of armor. Little did I know I was about to be completely disappointed. I got myself approximately 15 enchants and when the time came to put them on my set, I was faced with an unpleasant surprise. I was told there is no place to buy dust, white scrolls and black scrolls. I had to disenchant 10 of my books just to get 1 piece of dust for +2% succession rate. I am not sure about the others, but if you ask me that is a really dumb concept. At this rate, getting even one book to 100% success rate would take multiple days of hard work, not to mention the fact that my armor could still get destroyed nonetheless because there are no white scrolls. Back in the day we would bid insane amounts of money for certain books. Nowadays, I can buy a legendary book(90 xp levels) for about 5 trillions(about a minute of mining). Players are not willing to invest neither time nor money into custom enchants and that really pushes my buttons. I firmly believe that a better representation and availability of custom enchantments could bring a new dimension to prison as well as make the whole prison experience more enjoyable throughout. You could have fun pvping with your friends as well as making a gset and displaying it for your own pleasure. The unwillingness of players to invest time and effort into custom enchants is completely understandable with the current state of the system. I do not get the xp myself either. I just buy the few books that uninformed new players get from mining in /warp u or /warp x. But after they get enough money from me to rankup, they realize that it is not worth it and they just stop doing it. On the bright side, however, I believe there is a lot of potential in the current state of the enchantments. The enchantment distribution throughout different levels all the way up to mythical is really good. There are a lot of interesting enchantments and I like the concept of "upgrading" an enchantment with a mythical one to make it more powerful. The entire experience would be really interesting and stimulating if we(the players) just had the motivation to invest time in custom enchanting. After all, what is the point of advertising as a "Custom enchant" server if there are no custom enchants being used? [TO SUM EVERYTHING UP] + Issues I see with custom enchantments: Nowhere to buy dust/scrolls Sacrificing too much to get essentially nothing Players are unwilling to grind for them as it is very unrewarding They are not being used {Obviously} + Possible solutions: The only thing we really need to start the usage of custom enchants is a place to buy scrolls/dust. If such a shop was to be added, it would kick-start a renaissance of the /ce system. It is not an instant solution, and it would still leave a lot of players skeptical, but it is a start. Thank you for taking your time to read my suggestion and taking it into consideration.
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    Upgradable Chests

    Well, here we are with thousands of chests some of us just wish that we could just upgrade the chests to have more storage and make a page system with a search system as that would be much better than loads of chests plus it would create less lag due to less hoppers thank you for your time - Land_n