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    OverUlt is a scammer

    Hey everyone, we have a blatant scammer is the server. His name is OverUlt. He took 3k tokens from me and much more from everyone. Can you took all his tokens and money and give it to everyone? And of course, ban-ip him. Hope everyone will see this messege. I'm DangCongSanVN in the picture
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    OverUlt is a scammer

    Hey man sure, I'll look into this and punish him for breaking the rules, thanks for reporting! While I'm out giving punishments, you'll be getting banned for using hacks as evidently displayed by your beautiful screenshots
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    Hey, it looks like this was resolved and you got your gold rank on the Prison Server. If you still need assistance feel free to get in touch with me on Discord.
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    Skyblock Reset

    It does not need a reset at the moment, if you don't like it then don't play it