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    I can relate to this problem, I see a load of new French players join the server and what really surprises me is the fact that there are almost more French players than Spanish player on the server. Having an extra chat alongside the Spanish version would definitely help resolve this issue. I'd love to see this added for less future confusion/mutes.
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    Recently as Ultra Network is growing, I've noticed many people of French background/ French speakers joining. I think that having a /fc or /frenchchat just as there is /spanishchat, would be good, to minimise the amount of mutes to do with people speaking foreign languages in main chat, but to also make the start of new players easier. This could also help bring more people together, and create a friendly environment, rather than one full of hatred because of all the mutes some "foreigners" gain. Being a fluent French speaker, I try to help many new French people, but I cannot, as I would get muted for speaking french to someone, also /msg is only available when the person has 1h+ pt. Implementing a French chat would be amazing, and I believe having a French friendly server would also gain many new players. Alongside, I believe that if this suggestion would be implemented, there should be a French separate chat on the UN discord server, just as there is a Spanish one! Thank you! Hoping to see a good output from this suggestion!
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    I think it would be a very good idea that there could be a French chat, it's something that should have already been done and now it would have to be done because of the large number of French players who are joining to the server.
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    Emerald & Elytra rank giveaway

    Hiii UltraNetwork players. On the 24th of october I will be giving away an emerald and an elytra rank voucher. And more smaller stuff. To participate you need to have 3 days playtime on prison (also read the rules). If you do drop a renamed item, with your ingame name in it in the hopper in front of the emerald sign on /p h JnNb. Good luck to everyone. Much love Jan (JnNb).
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    I would like this 😆
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    Emerald & Elytra rank giveaway

    Good luck to everyone in this giveaway and hopefully as many people as possible can participate!
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    Emerald & Elytra rank giveaway

    I wish luck to everyone that will participate in this giveaway! I'll for sure join! -Jen
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    Forum Rules

    Due to a large number of recent offenses on the forums violating forum rules (specifically section 3.0, 3.1, 3.6) the following rules have been created to prevent further abuse and violation of the now documented rules and regulations. All current members of the forums registered prior to these rules being implemented will have their forum posts and reputation recounted to reflect this adjustment and all posts which violate any of the rules stated above will be removed.