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    Totem Rank Giveaway!

    Hey Nublets. As some of you know, I have given away a few donor ranks to players. I'm going to do the same again, except this time, Totem rank is up for grabs! How this will be won will be revealed on the day, however it will be a case of pure luck. This event will be held September 1st, 4pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Please use Google to convert to your timezone. The time is non-negotiable. This is meant to be a little bit of fun, so please keep negativity off this thread, thank you! I'm also looking for donations toward this event, I want to make it as fun as possible for as many people as possible. Vouchers, Items, Tokens, Banknotes or Gem donations would be warmly and gratefully accepted. Thank you in advance ❤️ Any questions, feel free to message me on Discord (Jodie#5469) (The only people not permitted to join in are: Staff higher than Mod rank and people who are currently denied off my plot) Edit: if a Totem rank wins, they can either elect to give the rank to another player, or they can claim for themselves $50USD to spend on the store (Must be spent as soon as the event is over). Edit x2: Several people have been asking the same questions regarding the giveaway, so I will answer them right here! 1. Do we need to be online to enter?: Yes! You MUST be on Prison at the time of the giveaway to participate. You cannot participate on Skyblock / Discord / DMs. 2. Is it a drop party?: No, the event will NOT be a drop party, nor will it be anything ping based. 3. Will the event require equipment or skill?: No, nothing will be required for the event, in fact please join with an empty inventory. The event is also not skill based, it will be based purely on luck. 4. Can my alt join or claim the reward?: No, Alts will not be permitted to join the event. 5. Is there only 1 prize?: No, there will be a multitude of different prizes on the day. I don't want to give away too many secrets however, but I will confirm there will be more than 1 rank up for grabs. 6. What time is the event?: As stated above, it will be September 1st, 4pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). However, I have included a brief time conversion: 4pm AEST (Sunday) 2am EST (Sunday) 6am GMT (Sunday) 11:30am IST (Sunday) 6pm NZST (Sunday) 11pm PST (Saturday) 1am CST (Sunday)
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    Hello! I'm Owie_Bowie

    Hi! I decided to make a forum account because... who knows? I might need it. So... My username In-Game is Owie_Bowie (Kind of a stupid name to be honest 😂) So.. Yeah. I'm not that new to UltraNetwork, I am Alpha Rank on Prison so I guess I'm not that new. I found it a nice and chill community, not as bad as Cosmic Craft to be hosenst. Anyway, I decided to join when i was looking at popular Minecraft servers and i found this one. I got really interested and I said to myself: Hey! Why not try this out! Immideatly after i joined i loved it. Prison had a chill community and a lot of ranks, and Skyblock was really fun! The buildings look really beautiful and I hope this server gets better and better! (I know it does, I'm just saying lol) Well, that's it for now. :P
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    kit voucher in skyblock

    Agree ^
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    Donator Rank Requests

    Ign : Lepharian Rank : Emerald Discord Donator Rank would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Prison chat = horrible

    Yea Its A sharp word tbh
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    Just spent $23.16 on upgrades https://prnt.sc/imxfle