[Survival Server] Addition of /xpshop to Survival


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What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server


To the server, another shop which can be accessed by /xpshop should be added. There, we could buy some illegal stuff (minecraft server) for the cost of XP levels. It resets once every week for persons. It can contain max 3 items (considering none are bought by the player now). The loot table will be of 6 items.

• Speed 4 Potion - This can be bought for 10 XP levels.

• Unbreakable book - This can be bought for 80 XP levels and upon adding to an item, it will make that unbreakable.

• Sharpness VI book - This could be bought for 28 XP levels.

• Protection VII book - This could be bought for 56 XP levels and will add Protection 7 to a piece of armor.

• XP Booster - This will boost the XP we gain by 1.5x and for 3 days upon consumption. This will cost 40 XP levels.

• Saturday Meal - This can be bought for 2 XP levels. This gives Saturation for 3 minutes.


(Hope this suggestion is liked by you.)

(I noted the possible items, their cost, etc can be changed.)


Reason for this recommendation: It makes XP grinding more fun. 

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