[Prison Server] Galactic Minechests


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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


What are Galactic Minechests?

Galactic minechests take shape of an ender chest, but also 12.5x rarer than a regular minechest (but also better rewards, Luckymining increases is by 1.2x)


What are the contents?

Tokens (7,500-50,000)

Cash (1T-5T, increases by 4% every 2 prestiges) 

Keys (Mythical-TokenV2 (tokenv2 is a 1/1,200 chance from galactic minechest))

Pickaxe EXP (20,000-100,000)

Minebombs (T10-T25)

Enchantment Books (T3-T5, Exca/LM is 1/8,000)


basically i got a lot of more ideas for the galactic minechest but these should be ok for now

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