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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


Rebirths to Pickaxe Prestige System

What is Rebirth System?
Answer: Rebirth System is a system that allows the players to reset their pickaxe stats once a certain condition is met to increase the overall stats of the pickaxe or any items. 

Question 2. Why rebirths when pickaxe prestige gives multi already?
Answer: The pickaxe prestige multi is very limited and is very easy to max out as the server proceeds to mid game ( after a 2 or 3 weeks from server resets) which ultimately gives a limited increase to the stats of pickaxes. Rebirth system will allow the limit or the cap of the multis to be increased each time. There can be a limit to how many times a pick can rebirth which could be 50 for example. Rebirth will boost the overall pickaxe stats each time reseting the prestige of the pickaxe each time the pickaxe is rebirth. 

  • Each time the pickaxe is prestiged the Multi can be increased by a certain percentage normally being 0.05% and once the limit is reached pickaxe prestige becomes mostly 
  • Rebirth will increase this limit each time increasing the stats of the multi given by prestigeing the pick

Question 3. How does rebirth really work ?
Answer: There can be certain conditions to rebirth the pickaxe. For example:

  • Pickaxe must reach pickaxe prestige 40 to rebirth each time
  • Rebirth will reset the prestige reseting the overall multi but increasing the prestige multi limit each time
  • Maximum amount of rebirth can be 50 which will limit the stats increased as no limits would mean imbalance in the multis of pickaxe
  • Rebirth each time could cost tokens and money along with the prestige requirements
  • Rebirth can apply to the player too. It could be made that once the player reaches prestige 100 they could rebirth in order to increase their stats

Question 4. Why would someone want rebirth system? Isn't it too much work?

Answer: Yes in a way it would increase the work but since player can easily max their stats and multi the prison gets boring really quickly after some months. Rebirth could make players be more thoughtful on the approach they take as they play prison also it would increase the time taken for a player to max their stats to earn the most tokens of money.


Rebirth system is fairly common in MMORPG games and is also being adapted into various minecraft gamemodes ranging from factions, prison, skyblock etc. Rebirth would truly be a game changing simple mechanism making players more interested in the gamemodes available.

For more details I can add if you want

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