[Selling] Cheapest shop ever


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Hello Mate do you want some free stuff

well Your Lucky!

This shop has Coal blocks

Deepslate diamonds

Diamond block 

And more Terracottas!

Heres the prices ingame

Terracottas(all colors) : 2000 $ (ingame)

deepslate diamonds: 3200 or 1200 $ (ingame)

Coal blocks: 10000 $ or 5000 $ (ingame)

Lapis block: 20000 or 15000 $ (ingame)

Redstone block: 2000 (10000 $ off!) (ingame)

Diamond blocks 1200 or 10000$(for a stack) (ingame)

Obsidian: 200k $ (100k off!) (ingame)

well come here again the ign is Alexbepro77

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