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What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server


now I know you won't add bad datapack but this isn't the same this if for making armor stands actually usable and fancy for use to make cool things such as railings, tool racks add story to your build like if you have a cave base you can make it so that the armor stands show like its mining the ore and connecting iron farm to it so looks like iron is spitting out of the ore and also the "player head drops" datapack to get a trophy for killing a good PvP player and this really doen not chnage vanilla much just adds more decoration possiblilities A LOT MORE DECOR POSSIBILITIES

Also:  staying fully vanilla quote doenst apply here because mcmmo, randomly teleporting to someone with a command, shopping with a command, teleporting to a home, randomly tping once go to nether portal, switching skins at any time, /trash, /rtp, and many more are UN-Vanilla than this simple datapack also if its un vanilla why is the website litterally called "vanilla tweaks" tweaks dont change vanilla also does it add new blocks new dimentions new biomes new textures? NO SO IT Doesn't CHANGE VANILLA


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Plzzz it does not change vanilla much and even hermit craft(a fully survival vanilla youtubrr SMP) uses it as well as many other servers

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Also u can make LITTERAL PLANTS WITH THIS DATAPACK AND ACTION SCENES AND CRAZY MOBS  if anyone builds a innaprpriate thing its the same as building the thing with blocks if they wanted to do that it would take hard wotk and why would they do that

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