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Hi 👋 

My name is Steyn I study at ROC Van Twente for ICT (programming) in the Netherlands, I'm 18 years old, and I mostly play on Prison on UN.

I'm a hyper guy because I have ADHD, my favorite music genre music is Hardstyle and those types of music, I still live at home with both parents, in my free time I like to go out with friends but because of Corona we can't. I also play piano and I just ride my bike.

Likewise, I've played on UN since 
24-02-2018 and before that to, but I only have a screen of that date ;-; anyway, I really enjoy playing on the server and would love to
help others further in it. I never really played Skyblock nor Survival, I mean Skyblock is fun but eh, I prefer Prison as I play this mostly, My IGN: _Steyn2002_, it used to be Steyn2002
but that account was cracked to yea I bought myself premium and I had to change my username, my old account had 20 days + playtime, My current account has 6 Days playtime.
Anyway enough about myself, if you would like to contact me you can do that via discord Steyn#2747 is my discord, feel free to add me.

The reason I play UN and not anything else is due to that I love the community and how trustable the community is, no one scams and everyone is nice to each other, once a new player joins everyone welcomes it and helps where needed. Have a great day ask me anything you want about me or and the server.

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