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Hey there! If you're reading this, it means either you care, are curious, or just generally want to know me. Thanks for all that anyway :) 

First off, please refer to me as Zeph and not Zephyr especially when we know each other already. Calling me Zephyr while knowing me weirds me out -.-

I'll be honest in admitting it, I can be hypocritical at times but only to an extent. I'd say I'm quite the confusing one, or the one hard to understand mainly because I say all these things but end up doing those things at a postponed time or just forget about it completely. Don't judge me though, I usually do this in protecting someone I care about

Currently, I am a student from Asia. I go to a STEM school and I'm part of the top class despite my grades being average, in my opinion at least. 

I've been playing in UltraNetwork since August 31 this year, 2020, and I really enjoy the server. Its just satisfying to see everything fall right into place and fit perfectly. The community is quite nice and supportive, the players always do something entertaining and get along from those activities, and the game modes are really fun and worthwhile. Although sometimes it may go downhill, things always turn out to have a good ending. I'd say the people here are trustable and honestly very caring. It surprised me to look back and remember that I used to think I would never get attached to a server, but UN proved me wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ very interesting to say the least

The friends I made while being on here are probably the best friends I could find, they never fail to be entertaining and get a good laugh out of me, be it jokingly harsh treatment like a platonic war, or general love and care. It makes me smile at the end of the day to see my friends doing well, I can more than proudly say that I call them my precious friends (no name dropping though because names are sacred ;) )

I'll wrap it up here. If you have any questions do feel free to message me and I'll do my best to answer them! ❤️ 

(Note: the questions don't just have to be about me, even about the server is fine or if you just want advice and help :D )

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