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  1. ercanhead


    i am planing on buying a premium accoount i waned to ask kan i transfer my data from there i woud like to have my progres on my premium acc kan i do that
  2. ercanhead

    a texture pack

    make your own texture pack for free things i want to see 1.lower swords 2.lower fire 3.better texture just want it to look nice and i want it to be good for pvp
  3. ercanhead

    haking questions

    can some people fly?????
  4. i am 12 but i turn 13 in a month and i am an active player i play this server everyday. A staff has to help people dont take advantege of being a staff. a staff has to be respectfull and he does not swear i have lot of experience on the server. if somone asks somthing i will answer as fast as i can