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  1. IDEA 1: TAG KEYS Well tag keys are currently worthless. Tags is the most underrated thing in the server. Tag keys should be made harder to get,very very harder so tags have a meaning in the server. My friend joined and in 1 hour playtime he got all the tags. Other thing is u can collect those 50+ tags in 1hour and after that u get 15 more stacks of tag keys that u really don't need and u /trash them all. So tag keys and tags should be buffed. IDEA 2:PVP In all my playtime on this server I didn't see a single person doing pvp,yet u have all those enchantments from /ce for swords and armor.In other word they are worthless cause nobody is using them. You should either make people wanna pvp by giving awards to the best pvper each month or somthing else or remove everything that is connected to pvp on the server cause it wastes memory for nothing. IDEA 3: RENT SYSTEM I know this won't be easy to make but it's worth mentioning it. I see all these people getting scammed when they rent their pickaxe or losing it completely. There should be a system like auction house but for renting. The player puts his pick in there with the price and time. A player pays the price and rents it(For all that time the pickaxe doesnt get exp and cant be enchanted). After the time expires the player loses that pickaxe and the pickaxes goes back to the player that put it for rent(his inventory or his pv). IDEA 4:RTA(Real Time Auctions) The name says it all,a real time auction where one player puts something for auction,let's say it's a pickaxe and other players bid for it for the next 2-3 minutes,the player that has the highest bid wins the pickaxe. IDEA 5: TITLE CHANGER A command that will allow u to choose what title u can show, for ex. ur normal rank( Angel,Demon etc.),ur donator rank( Coal,Iron etc.), ur title won from a title crate or a custom title that u bought. This is simple and would be fun if it was in the server. IDEA 6: EXPERIENCE ENCHANT Experience enchant should also help ur pick to get more experience while mining,as for the balance it should also cost more tokens to upgrade. Thank you for reading this and I hope some of these ideas will get on the server soon.