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  1. Welcome Bagsteir I'm as well a new player which is cringy to say it but we hope we meet each other and be friendly so uh have a nice day
  2. Welcome to the server Mika I'm as well a new player to the server (awkward xD) but anyways I hope we meet each other soon and have a nice rainy day
  3. Welcome WafflesAreGods I don't know and we don't know each but we hope we can meet each other within the discord and the Minecraft server, hope you have a nice day
  4. Hello there I'm Doom aka doomlox So as I played my survival world with a friend called"Fids" a close friend of my so he said there this server that will give about "$500 Billion in-game" which I got amazed. so I told fids to give the server IP and how it started is a colorful player with tags and all that and its a lot of creative stuff within jailbreak or Prison. well, fids helped me out saying by mining and my own plot building and give in a coal and iron kits which are amazing (thanks fids) that are how I started off with jailbreak Hope we meet soon.
  5. Hey, I'm Doom aka doomlox just a dude with an open mind in case you want to know, hope you have a good day.