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  1. If you haven't heard, I am hosting a giant drop party at my plot (/p h 86t 3). This will be one of the biggest drop parties in the server. @Cheii and @ItsNotJustAGameare also helping tremendously to host this DP. We are all putting in basically everything we have into this to make this as good as possible for you guys. There isn't an exact date set for the DP yet, but we are predicting it will be within 2-4 weeks of today. Please spread the word about this DP, and also please donate at /p h 86t 3. For all money and token donations, please pay them to me (86t) so I can spread them out properly. So far there are already some ranks, tons of tokens, over 4q in banknotes, tons of keys, and tons of kits. Thanks so much everyone, and don't forget to spread the word about this DP!
  2. 86t

    Some prison ideas

    Pickaxe rents are a great idea, especially since I just lost my pick due to renting it lol. experience seems fine to me currently. the pvp rewards seem like a good idea, or just a kitpvp server would be cool too. as for titles, I think those should stay how they are so that they are a special donor only feature. real time auctions seem fun. I somewhat agree with tag keys, but with tag keys you can get repeats and sometimes you need many stacks just to get one single tag. these are just my opinions on all of these.
  3. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: 86t What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I purchased 11 levels of tiered apparently and it only gave me 1 level. I'm not sure what happened, but here are a couple screenshots. Could I get a refund of my 55k tokens please. Or tiered 11 would be appreciated lmao. Thanks
  4. 86t

    Pickaxe reset

    I noticed that people were getting prestige 15 pickaxes very quickly this season, and so I thought that maybe next season, every pickaxe should completely reset all its enchants every 5 prestiges or so, and the level to prestige should be increased to 150, but that should stay the same all throughout. Also, for this season, maybe once a pickaxe reaches prestige 15, there could be an Ultra Pickaxe Prestige, which would give a .1 multi or something and a UltraV2 key or something like that. Maybe some special perks/enchants can be unlocked with different Ultra Pickaxe Prestige levels. Please feel free to leave feedback/edits/additions that could be used to make this a better suggestion below!
  5. I noticed that there were token blocks that I found very frequently, and I was thought a good idea would be to add an ultra token block. This would be found every 100k blocks or so, and it would contain a random amount of tokens between like 500-1500 or something like that. Also, I thought key blocks would be a good idea, and they would be found less frequently than token blocks, and most of them would have tag/common keys. And like ultra token blocks, maybe ultra key blocks could be found every 30-50k blocks have a mythical key or something in it. Thanks for reading this and feel free to add to this suggestion!
  6. This is a cool idea, but like @Cricri6820 said, this would be way to OP. It should cost significantly more for 10x10x10, and the enchant should have a cooldown past 6x6x6. Also, all of the effects attached would just make the server lag more.
  7. 86t

    Mine Resetting

    This seems kinda pointless. The next person who wants to mine simply has to type /mr and the mine resets automatically. Or, if the person is finished mining, then they can type /mr before they leave.