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  1. Welcome to Ultra Network!
  2. Sure, without hesitation. Have a good day!
  3. Thank you very much for the warm welcome. Have a wondrous day!
  4. Hello, everyone! My name is Amandeep, or you can say Dholki in-game. My name Amandeep is kept because my father wanted to continue my ancestors legacy of having those long names. And I respectively took the name Amandeep, and it happened last year. I'm currently 16-year's old and I play very different games for a living. I work as a Swimming Coach at Maxfort School which is near to my house. I'm from India. Now, most people roast "Indians" and call them a meme because of what went down with PewDiePIe roasting Indians. And the exact same thing happened when I first joined the network (Prison) but I don't want to take it seriously. Moving on, I've played on Practice server for 2 whole years and have experienced a lot of toxicity at times. I myself can get toxic sometimes, originally coming from a PracticePvP player. I've staffed on servers with Factions, Survival and Practice. And I might apply here sometime whenever I think I'm well trusted and well known to this network and of course, ready for the rank. I've played games like Grand Theft Auto 3-5, COD WWII and Black Ops 2, Minecraft, Prince Of Persia, Tomb Raider, Steep, Red Dead Redemption and more popular games. My first 3-D game was Vice City. That game just blew up around 2010. And I played it a lot. Then I played San Andreas and GTA IV a lot leaving the OG game behind named as Vice City. That's it for now. Don't want to make a Harry Potter novel.