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  1. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Many crystals are opened daily and lots of people end up having low percentage crystals that have no use. To combat this, I think some sort of system should be created to allow players to be able to sell/upgrade unwanted pickaxe crystals for profit or a higher boost percentage. I would recommend adding the ability for crystals to be placed on the /exchange menu for tokens ranging from a few thousand up to 50 thousand tokens. This could go up in percentages of 10, increasing the amount of tokens by 5 thousand. For any crystals with a boost of any amount under 5%, this could decrease to around 2.5 thousand tokens. An alternative (or addition) to this could be a system to allow crystals to combine together, increasing the boost a crystal gives. This could work by having a higher percentage crystal in the first slot and having it's boost added on by the percentage of the lower crystal. For example, a 50% boost crystal could have a 10% boost crystal combined to it, increasing the 50% boost to a 55% boost. If this seems way too helpful towards the gain of crystals, the amount of tokens gained from exchanging could be lowered and there could be a maximum boost percentage which is allowed to be combined and a maximum a crystal can get boosted up to. Extra: With the combination idea, there could be some sort of item needed per combination which could be gained from a player doing a certain thing (such as mining a certain amount of blocks or completing a certain number of waves in arena). If this is something you are able to work on and create, it would be greatly appreciated and would benefit many players who have an extreme amount of non-sellable crystals.
  2. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description Since the 1.19 update, froglights are an extremely nice decoration block. Due to portals which don't connect, players can't bring frogs to magma cubes or vise versa. If there's another way around this, it would be appreciated by many people, especially builders. One alternative is feeding frogs something else, such as another form of light as a trade-off for froglights, such as sea lanterns as they are fairly challenging to find. A more challenging route that might be difficult to implement is creating commands that change the state of the portal, swapping between it connecting to the nether or not, or a change in flint and steel, letting players swap by shift + right clicking to permanently change a nether portal.