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  1. On top of this egg idea, there should be eggs like mini-bosses that are available to anyone that completes a specific quest in a specified amount of time. Also there should seasonal eggs that are only available in certain seasons (durr).
  2. May I get a Donator tag on Discord, I has gold rank - Discord Username - ProfLazy#1480 Minecraft Username: ProfLazy
  3. Welcome back, my good sir/ma'am. (Idk what your gender is)
  4. I would also include the command /ignore list to sell all the people that you have ignored, and to see if you want to do /ignore again to un-ignore? the other person.
  5. What I am here to suggest, is that to make exp bottles from /xpbottles the same item info for each level. For me, I find it annoying to have the same level bottles that have different item information's. For example, my own level 20 xpbottle's item info is Exp Bottle#BT and, JackXuCA's xpbottle's item info is Exp Bottle#BV. I know that there are different levels of exp bottles, so if you can make each exp bottle level a different item info, but the same level the same item info.
  6. Do you want us to describe you?
  7. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: ProfLazy What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Breaking a wolf spawner turns it into a vindicator spawner. That is basically it.
  8. Are jobs in SB totally gone or are they just going to remove it for a while? I need to know because this used to be my main income in SB.
  9. I would agree with this, because in PVP it is really annoying when you are trying to get close to someone and they keep on spamming their arrows and you can't do anything about it because when you redeemed your kit, it only gave you melee weapons. This suggestion is great because it will add the ability to fight off those annoying people with bows and keep them in check. If I was doing the bows, I would do the same enchantment levels for the bows, for example with totem you get Power.15, Infinity, Punch.5 (Because punch 15 would be too op..), and Flame.
  10. So wouldn't asking for reputation result in the server rule 11.0 which states that you aren't allowed to ask someone for items repetitively, that way there isn't that wide of people with false amounts and people with true amounts in the reputation system. Also if you include something that limits how someone sends their Rep points to 1 per IP ( or whatever you choose) is a good way to limit the amount of reps that will be going around. As Jen said: This will limit the players by making players have 12hrs of Play Time or more to make sure that there won't be that much of an abuse with the system. And if you also if you want, you could limit the amount of reputation a player can give a day. I would recommend 1-3 reps a day, but this isn't my server so yeah... And there might be disadvantages that are obvious but I is a dumb child so I might not know.
  11. HOi ArcSeth I am Lazy, ProfLazy
  12. OwO An OG player Hoi.... And Idk what to say, soooo hI.