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  1. Meow! So with Christmas fast approaching, I want to let you guys in on a little (kinda) event I have planned for the festive season! In the spirit of giving, I wish to propose a Secret Santa event. For those who don't know how Secret Santa works, you are given a random name from a group of people, and you are asked to gift them. You will in turn receive a gift from another person. How this will work for Minecraft, is that there will be a forum post on here closer to the date, where anyone who wishes to participate can comment their interest, and they will be given a random player to gift. You will have til a specific date to organise a gift, and drop it off to me for placing under the tree (check out /p h Ariewan 2 to see the tree!) In the week leading up to Christmas, each gift will be given to their respective recipients. So what can you gift? Some suggestions include: -Banknotes -Tokens / Gems (can be paid to myself and will be stored on my alt, you will also need to include a signed book in your shulker) -Kits -Rank Vouchers -Pickaxes (clean or maxed) - Any other items of value - Renamed Items of Sentimental Value - Whatever your heart desires. All I ask is that gifts be given in a shulker box, as to make my life much easier when trying to sort out who's is whos. This event is open to anyone who wishes to partake, Prisoners and Skyblockers alike. However, the presents will be given out on Prison. @Serana_xo is currently organising as Skyblock event as well, so don't be disheartened if you're a diehard Skyblocker! I'm currently accepting donations at /p h Ariewan 2 for additional gifts, to add to everyone's gifts. All donations are greatly accepted and appreciated. (I know I'm posting this early, but I would love to be organised before it gets crazy busy for everyone with work, school, exams etc.) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me a DM on Discord (Jodie#5469) Meow meow!!
  2. Ariewan


    If you do the command a second time, it will fix the issue.
  3. So you mean give totems access to holograms? I can honestly see this becoming a lag nightmare, even with the proposed character limits.
  4. We finally have winners of the giveaway! Congratulations xDemonGunx on Totem, and Orpius on Emerald!
  5. 100% agree with this. The number of scam complaints has skyrocketed recently, and there really is no no way of policing it.Not to mention the spam from 4-6 people advertising casinos all at once. I would personally love to see Casino plots removed.
  6. The chest event can and will be used again. However, now that we know what needs to be changed, I can ask for help from the admins and owners!
  7. Hey Guys, First of all, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who turned up to the Totem Rank giveaway yesterday. I had a lot of fun hosting, and I hope you guys had fun as well. 90 people on Prison, and it didn't crash! However, due to unforeseen circumstances, both the Emerald rank and the Grand prize of Totem is still up for grabs. So after discussing ideas with a few people, we have decided on a way to decide a winner. As much as the chest event was fun, it would take far too long to organise round 2. So this time, the idea is so simple, it requires no prep at all! At /plot h Ariewan 2, you will find hoppers. All you have to do is write in a book and quill, sign it and drop it into the hoppers. On the day of the winner being announced, I will enter all the names into a random generator, and 2 winners will be chosen. I will record and upload to youtube, so you can all see the results for yourselves. Same rules apply as last time: -Only Prison Players are entitled to win the main prizes. (You must have a minimum of 5 days playtime on Prison, or have been an active member of the community within the past week). This can and will be checked. - No alts: ALL accounts will be checked for alts. If you enter more than 1 account, all accounts will be disqualified. I apologise for dragging this out another week, however it was beyond my control. This will be drawn Sunday, 8th September, 4pm AEST (Same time as the last event). HOWEVER, the hoppers will be closed 24hrs earlier, to allow me time to check every account for alts etc. If you have any questions or suggestions, as always don't be afraid to DM me on Discord (Jodie#5469). ~Arie
  8. Hey Guys, so for those who haven't heard (where the heck have you been?), Today I am giving away a Totem rank! Click here to read the original post! So now that the day is here, I can finally let you all in on how this event will work. There has been a lot of speculation on this being a drop party, I can confirm it is not (again!) What will happen is I will call for all participant to come to /p h Ariewan 2. Inside the big dome, to the left hand side is a set of stairs. We will all go down stairs, and I request you all follow the red carpet to read the rules board. Once we are all familiar with the event rules (which will also be posted in this thread), you will all line up SINGLE FILE at the marked location. One by one, you will be called into the "chest area". You will then have 10 seconds to pick a chest, any chest. Whatever reward is inside, is what you win. It really is that simple. Pick a chest, win a prize. Once you have collected a prize, I simply ask you leave the area and wait patiently until I call the next round. The Prizes range from "OMG this is amazing" to "Ooh nice!" to "ew, where is /trash". It's random, its supposed to be a bit of fun. On to the event rules! 1. No Alts are permitted to participate. 2. This event is only open to Prison players. Please respect that decision. 3. Anyone complaining about prizes will be plot denied and refused access to the remainder of the event. 4. Anyone found in the chest area whilst it isn't their turn, will be plot denied for the remainder of the event. 5. Anyone found to be disregarding instructions given by Ariewan will be plot denied for the remainder of the event. 6. If a default or "new" player win, the prize will be granted in the form of a voucher (in the instance that the player leaves upon before reset). Checks will be done on the Totem winner before it is purchased, to ensure the winner isn't an alt, and is a legitimate Prison player. Any further questions, feel free to DM me. Countdown Timer!
  9. Lets be honest, people are only going to be interested in the Totem rank
  10. For everyone who is confused about when this is happening, I have created a Countdown Timer, just Click This Linky (Its safe, I promise). I hope this helps with confusion.
  11. Don't forget guys, this is happening THIS WEEKEND!!! Sneak peak below
  12. Hey Guys, So in the spirit of getting to know each other, I thought it might be fun to have a face reveal post! The rules are simple: 1. Post only if you want to. I know not everyone feels comfortable having their photo posted for the world to see. 2. Be kind to one another! Bullying / making fun of other people will not be tolerated, and all forum rules apply! 3. Have fun! I'll post eventually as well
  13. 4pm Sunday will be 11:30am Sunday for you. So unless you have a Sunday class, you’re fine.
  14. Uhm this kinda looks like a staff app? If I’m correct, you need to post here: Good luck!
  15. If they aren't online, they wont be partaking in the event. You have to be online at that time, for the chance to win.