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  1. Well, it is part of the Discord Plugin. If you want to prevent being ping in the Discord, I suggest to change your username or nickname. Pinging someone from Minecraft to Discord Chat is already part of it. Oh and also, this thing is not new. This is already old. But good luck with your suggestion!
  2. Well I heard autosell chest was added long time ago, but got removed because it is incredibly OP. So they might deny your suggestion. And this is similar to the suggestion of Auto Sell Chopper which is not answered by the owners yet. But good luck with your suggestion.
  3. I wanna ask what are the keys in the /kit keys? I'm just curious.
  4. It is indeed op, but for my opinion, I don't like it. :3 Well there's a kit voucher in prison, yes. Because they use them to mine and a little chance to get a kit voucher to get higher fortune for money. The fortune in prison works in all kinds of blocks. However, in skyblock, the main thing is, people build in their island, and the cobble generator produces ores that can gain island levels. Since people's most wanted is higher fortune of pickaxe, they will gain a lot of level which can be unfair for the player who are just getting started. This is just my opinion, but good luck in your suggestion!
  5. Cabsuu

    New Mine in SB

    There is a use of shovels and axes. If you see my island, you will know soon why it has a purpose.
  6. Cabsuu

    New Game Mode

    I agree with the idea of adding a minigame server. If PvP minigames cannot be added. I suggest, Paintball War. Paintball War is a non-pvp game, just throwing snowballs to your opponent acted as Paintball. It doesn't spam Combat because if you throw a snowball and hit an opponent, you will lose a life in the minigame but not really died in the server, the sound of throwing paintballs will be like throwing a potion with particles based on team color. Paintball has 2 color team, and that is Red and Blue. I've been playing this awhile ago with my friends because it is fun. There's no weapons like sword, bow, etc. Only snowballs, and other special weapon which can be bought at the shop by using a book during the game.
  7. Cabsuu


    To get a pmine, you have to buy it at the store. You can buy it here. <-- This link will direct you to the plot store.
  8. Cabsuu

    Rank Voucher Crate

    Well, for my opinion, this is a bad idea. :3 If there are more items inside the crate: Buying a Rank is better than taking your chances in a crate. More like you spent more money to the keys than the price of the rank. If only the rank voucher inside: It's like you want to make the rank more cheaper than the original price at the store. And also, a Voucher only last for 1 season.
  9. At first, I thought this is your introduction thread. I guess not. XD Anyways, about what you have wrote michaeltepper, it will be a great help for us. Besides, UltraNetwork has the best community because Toxicity and Racism is not allowed. I noticed alot of players are starting to get rude, violating server rules and hacks. So maybe, I'll join in your campaign. P.S. - You're a pro player in skyblock :v - but don't forget to get a life >:v
  10. You're talking about advertising, not scamming. In any case, you got banned for only 3 days, you should wait.
  11. Cabsuu

    Reporting a scam

    You used the wrong section, Xanctus. :3 Player Reports can be located in the Applications Section: Or in this website:
  12. Most players inside the server are like 9 - 14 years old. It's like, whenever they lose something precious or important to them, they will cry so loud and run to their daddy/mommy, reporting everything what happened even though he's the one letting the other people borrow things (or give access in anything) without knowing the person, expecting that the griefer, or the one who stole items will be punished. If the players they reported didn't get ban, they just go quit or tell everyone the server is bad... It's pretty annoying to be honest, they thought they will believe you without a proof, it may lead to false accusation.
  13. Unfortunately, griefing/stealing is allowed. he can't be reported. :3
  14. I would like to get a Donator Rank in Forum as well as Donator Role in Discord. I have bought a Coal Rank for UltraNetwork Skyblock. Thanks.
  15. See, having a rank or not, you're a pro. :v And yeah, it's possible because of the /chatcolor, and we're the same, I also converse with everyone. How did you get the Totem Rank for free? D: I just noticed that we are having converse here xD This thread is popular right now uwu And nice to meet you too!
  16. Kinda agree with the Totem part, you're popular because you're Totem. UwU Yep, I know the feeling of being a member, we get ignore sometimes, because they are influenced to rich people. :3 And also... You won't afford Totem Rank if you're a noob, that's impossible for you to be a noob. What a Pro. :v
  17. I don't use schematica either :v I am envy because you're a Totem and your island is #1. :v You're a pro not a noob. :v And many people mention your name when you get online, so I can see you are popular :v
  18. How could you say my island is better than yours? :v Your island is top #1, so many members along with the moderators. I envy you. You're also popular, I won't forget that. :v
  19. I started playing this server like 1-2 weeks ago, this server has the best community, because it only allows you to speak in English (or speak in Spanish at /spanish chat) to make everyone understand, and to know if there are players are being toxic. Of course begging for money is not allowed, the server is already overpowered, but some people are willing to help if ever they really need help. And I just registered today in this Forum, so I'm going to introduce myself. I am Cabsuu, playing Minecraft for 6 years until now, and my favorite type of server is Skyblock. I like Skyblock because I like to work hard in obtaining stuff and build some good designs in my island. I am still honing my skills in building and using redstone mechanics. I'm already good in these both but I want to improve better. Here's my Island, my progress that I worked so far, it's not yet done because my teammate is 24/7 offline. (Yeah it's hard to play solo >.>) Anyways, nice to meet you all.