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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. Much appreciated ❤️
  2. Ooooppsss, forgot that vouchers are a thing now. Let me just fix that
  4. Howdy y'all! It has been a while, hasn't it? Well, let me explain why I was off for around 2 months. It all started when I forcefully corrupted my Windows so my dad has an excuse to send it to its maintenance. Well, it was supposed to take 2 weeks but oh well, it took a month and a half. Really pissed off and I have to pay around 170 dollars for repairing my LCD, bezel and Windows 10 installation. Anyways, enough of me talking about how BAD my maintenance is, lets talk about my return. I am planning a COAL rank voucher giveaway for those who are new to the server. This giveaway is going to happen on my birthday which is on December 10. More information to be released very soon! Now most importantly, I AM BACK! RULES: 1) If you are banned from my island, consider yourself OUT 2) Donors are strictly not allowed in this event. There will be a specific area for donors (Will try my best) 3) People that fly during this event will be considered OUT as not being fair 4) Most importantly, never whin or complain if you lose. Life is about winning and loosing. 5) The people that are going to help me are allowed to be included in this event (If they are not donors of course)
  5. Howdy GamerRic! Welcome to the UltraNetwork community! Hope you enjoy it around here and we will make sure you will! If you need any help in-game, ask a staff member or me! Discord: Rekt_#4550
  6. Nope, I keep my school website open always because as you may all know, most of us here have school. I do not relate, sorry!
  7. IGN: xXOMGItsKamalXx Bought redstone on skyblock
  8. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Buying What I am Buying: Buying Coal rank in exchange of 200mil on Skyblock' How I would like to be contacted: Discord: Rekt_#4550 In Game: When online, msg me
  9. Hey Cabsuu, Nice to meet you and see you in-game!
  10. Hello everyone, My name is Kamal, aged 14 that loves what this server is providing to its players. I just wanted to thank all the staff members that made what this server what it is today. Thank you for everything. Hope to meet new people on here