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  1. Ouff, the day of the draw is when I start school! If I win, can I redeem my prize when I come back home? Anyways! good luck @Ariewan
  2. IGN: xXOMGItsKamalXx Bought redstone on skyblock
  3. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Buying What I am Buying: Buying Coal rank in exchange of 200mil on Skyblock' How I would like to be contacted: Discord: Rekt_#4550 In Game: When online, msg me
  4. Hey Cabsuu, Nice to meet you and see you in-game!
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Kamal, aged 14 that loves what this server is providing to its players. I just wanted to thank all the staff members that made what this server what it is today. Thank you for everything. Hope to meet new people on here