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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


So i've been thinking about this gamemode to be added to prison for a gameEvent like /arena for people to gain enchantment books, tokens, pickaxe xp and money.
The players should be limited and this kind of gamemode is pvp (Player vs Player) and the map should be small. The floor comes up slowly and the last player will win.
Or the lava can come from around ( like a circle ) and the players should stay at the center of it and push it each other ( last guy standing wins ).
There should be also high places on the small map ( like 6x6 block map or smth ) so players move to the top and fight each other. Also a few chests would be good containing
flint and steel, cob webs and snow balls to push each other off the edge and kill each other.
So yea i wanted to suggest this gamemode to be added as a minigame mode like /arena.

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