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What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server


On Skyblock there should be a "Builder" Rank to the members of the island with the best votings (other like the island) and It will have the same uses/abilities as Gold rank and the members will have it until out voted by others


(also is customizable for chat/name)



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I don't think a "Builder Rank" for the members of an island is necessary. I really don't agree on having it with the same uses or abilities a Gold rank has, people will get discouraged on getting gold rank and aim for "Builder Rank" instead.  Seeing that Gold rank requires to waste IRL Money for it to be obtained or through Vote Top, it will be quite unfair don't you think?

The island members doesn't really need a "Builder Rank" that may or may not be only visible for the team as they'll be only building farms, structures, and any types of builds they can make. 

I suggest letting the good builders apply for the Builder Rank by making a Builder Application Thread on Forums. 

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Yes I understand but again other players also get discouraged due to the fact is that the only way to get rank is to buy it, making the server seem only p2w, and don't want to play and "Builder Rank" was only a suggestion whereas there could be something else that can be achieved by not just paying for a rank like on other servers.


- Frog :D

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That makes a lot of sense, but like I said, it really isn't necessary. The server is somewhat p2w, I understand, but to get ranks, you could always find a trader and offer up prices. Builder rank within the island is alright, but the role will only be given to the best builder in the island. There will be no perks or abilities like a paid rank but it'll have more perks than the owner of the island when it comes to building. I hope you know what is the purpose of having a paid / donator rank (Coal to Netherite Rank).

It will be like this:

Island Roles:

Owner - 1 Player

Admin - 1-6 Players

Builder -  1 Player

Moderator - 1-6 Players

Member - 1-6 Players


The Owner of the island is the Creator, the Admin is who'll moderate and have less access on the Owners abilities, which can be changed with /is perms. Builder will have access to any sorts of permissions to build, World edit or fast place, /set, /cut, /replace and more world edit commands, the one who has the builder role can be changed once a month, the island members may or may not want to compete for it. Moderator is the same as Admin but with lesser permissions, and members... are just members who would help around the island, contribute and farm.




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