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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


Hello again. So i heard  that alot people complain about Arena, that its not really good and they want something new. So i was thinking about some New kitspotion effects, super skillsmobs + new arena map + rewards. So lets start. About the kits. Well, when you start in the arena you only get armor and sword. Thats kinda not enough to get protected by the op mobs that hits you with no mercy. It would be nice, to add like a bow+ arrows and a shield to be protected with good enchants. By the way shield wont protect you for long cause after a while it breaks. About the potion effects. Would be nice if every player could start with a potion like strength, speed, fire resistance ( for a short amount of time ) + maby a golden apple. Now about the super skills. Well everyone likes super heroes, so why we  shouldnt have our super skills? first one could be eathrquake. So how it works. Lets say, a big wave spawns and players cant handle it. This is where  eathrquake activates and destroys all the mobs in the area. Activates only once per 5 levels. Another skill that could help would be barrier. This skill stops the fight  for 20 sec, until players recover. Then it breaks. About the mobs. People like the mobs but  spiders are kinda  op, so they suggest to get removed. A new arena map and bigger than this would be nice. About the rewards. Players want something new, cause this rewards are not so good. A nice idea coold be to get buffed or changed. Items could be added ( crate keys banknotes and tokens could get buff alot, bigger rate on the books ). Also a new way that collects all the items in your balance or inventory. Thats all. I hope you like my ideas.

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