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    Welcome Daniël! 👊
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    Hi hello, since I never really made a proper one of these I found right around now an okay time to make one of these since I'm pretty bored.
    So hi! I'm Landon I'm a 4th child and I live in the Netherlands, I've had my fair share of experience with UN I primarily like to play skyblock as I like to build stuff I am currently Bedrock rank.
    Most people I liked just quit or got banned heres a list with some of them:
    I also have a few people I like to talk to such as:
    and Zalverine.
    That's pretty much me, I don't play alot of UN but I still come online from time to time oh well I may see you on UN some day! If you see me say Hi Land_n!
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    WindowsDeveloper got a reaction from mahan_gamer in Hi I'm WindowsDeveloper!   
    As some of you know I'm Wesley (WindowsDeveloper), I am 18 years young and I'm currently living in The Netherlands! I am currently working in the world of Computer IT World, so if you have any IT related question you can always hit me up in discord!
    I've been playing Ultranetwork for almost 2 years now and I still enjoy every second of it! about 2 months ago I was accepted to be an Staff member in the UltraNetwork Server, that finally gives me the possibility to help every member of the server more and more every day!
    The nicest thing about Ultranetwork would be the amazing players in this community, I’ve met some awesome players from this server and I’m always open to make new friendships with cool people!
    I currently live alone with my 2 bunnies and 1 cat, although my cat likes to walk around outside more then he is at home (sad times).
    At the moment I’m trying to learn two new languages (French and Norwegian), and I’m planning to learn more in the future. If you have any ideas for languages that I should learn you can always message me them to me!
    I hope you’ve liked my small introduction about myself, and if you have questions about me or about the servers you can always drop it in the comments or message me on discord!

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    Very epic mod, all i gotta say.
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    Norwegian, epic language.