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    I am so confused. I bought a real account, an official Minecraft Mojang account from the official website for $26.95. My username is AlerttedOnMC. I used a cracked account before, but bought a real account today. If I change my username, from AlerttedOnMC to a different username, will it keep my items? I don't have a rank or anything like that. I just wanna see if it'll keep my Mine (Omega-2) and bedrock pickaxe named "alert" with Sphered one, Haste X, Jump 3, SPeed 3, Nightvision and LuckyMining 16. And I have every single money command with 1.08Trillion. Will it keep all my stuff? And my plots? I asked the people on the server and they confused me. Mods I will listen to. Wil it keep all my items?