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  1. btw my old user is Phinlorian and my new user is BlipBopp
  2. My old cracked UUID cb1ca159-b5dd-3d18-9110-a969f0a6822b My new cracked UUID 64e483c1-dc27-3976-926c-17d8c0eb1423 Can you copy the new uuid, then delete it, and rename the old one to it?
  3. Phinlorian

    Name Change

    I recently changed my name from Phinlorian to BlipBopp. Can I get my items and rank back pls?
  4. Phinlorian


    what help please
  5. Phinlorian


    Hi, my IGN is Phinlorian and I have purchased Coal rank and upgraded to iron and then to gold but I haven't gotten donator on discord my Discord is Phinlorian #5347
  6. Idk I've been playing a bit and just found out this is a forum so hi
  7. Phinlorian


    Hi, my IGN is Phinlorian I am wondering if anyone can reset my level?