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  1. teslock do u have yt channel also teslock ultranetwork is all about how op it is if there was normal it would be ULTRA network as a experienced player this would not be a go
  2. YoDuDe123

    Island chat

    Jen i have actually asked dead for that a couple of months ago he didnt reply but its a good idea as its hard to communicate to all the people say if ur doing a giveaway or want to thank everyone on ur is for using ur pshop
  3. that would be nice but Gaming dont say a server name again u may be banned
  4. YoDuDe123

    My mine

    Gnuffle i think it has been updated to ender but im not sure i have been banned and will be online in 6 days
  5. Skully understood my position and i want to say i will be back on sb in 7 days
  6. As jen said i agree but there is a ce which increases attack spead idk the name xd also im banned
  7. I am banned but when i was on the server i saw that some casinos were scams and othees werent i think they should stay as it is wrong to punish the majority for the sake of the minority
  8. Can someone tell me how i get more than 2 accounts connected to server from 1 connection