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  1. luke

    prison suggestion

    Like I said, it was just an example of a reward
  2. luke

    rankup keys

    rankup keys for every rank up you do. Pretty self explanatory, decent rewards: common keys, rare keys, 10B, coal kits, etc.
  3. luke

    prison suggestion

    you can get a ultra key from a presige key which you can't pay for, therefore you are able to get coal rank for free from a crate. Also, you dont have to get coal rank from a vote reward, it was just an example.
  4. luke

    prison suggestion

    syk how come you can get coal rank out of a crates then??
  5. luke

    prison suggestion

    i think that it would be good to have better vote party rewards for prison, such as very unlikely chances to get things such as ultra keys, coal rank and a banknote for 10T. these rewards would be very rare and the whole server would be notified when someone receives one. for a 10T banknote for example, the chance would be 1/1000, and the chance of an ultra key would be 1/20000.
  6. luke


    how do u make pmines? can someone pls tell me