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  1. Thanks for the feedback yihern, your idea with tokens or keys sounds good too, the point is just that there has to be a better benefit, and I'm glad to see you agreed with that point. Afterall p2w players is the ones keeping a server running, and that should be granted something A different solution could be to simply lower the prices of buycraft items, to match the actual benefits, atm its mainly cosmetics you purchase things for, and something like a fifth of the current prices seems more reasonable without any actual gameplay benefits. Especially the bundles like titanium and bronze. Those are fairly worthless atm Look at this for example: Titanium bundle costs 80 USD What it grants: Those prices are determined on the price of just buying it from the store. Monthly 285 pickaxe (fairly worthless) Titanium tag (cool I guess) Small pmine (15 USD) Coal rank voucher (4,29 USD) 200 common keys (192 = 3,27 USD) 64 legendary keys (2,49 USD) 1 Ultra key (7,29 USD) 1 UltraV2 key (8,49 USD) 1 TokenV2 key (7,49 USD) - (pretty worth, max amount obtainable is 100k tokens) 0,2 multiplier (worthless since prestige 3 grants 0,3 and doesn't stack) So to conclude of actual content in this bundle you receive: A small pmine and a coal rank voucher worth about 19 USD. Lottery items (keys) worth 29 USD. (Keys realistically isn't worth buying when 100k tokens is the max amount for a 7,49 USD key, why would anyone buy a token key and potentially get 10k-100k tokens, when they can just do one irl for coal>iron and get like 1Q, which btw is cheaper than 1 token key) Bundles should be worth buying, and this bundle shouldn't cost much above 35-40 USD imo. when you look at the content. - GnuffleDk
  2. Hey I have recently started playing again, and realized my ender and platinum rank have close to no benefits anymore. I don't mind the game being more competitive and fair for free to play players and newcomers, but something I don't understand is the multiplier. At the moment multipliers of ranks and bundles doesn't stack, which is acceptable I would say. but the prestige multiplier doesn't stack either, which is kinda too much imo? So no matter what you do you can't surpass a 0,5 multiplier. To put it into perspective: Titanium bundle (multi 0,2) 80 USD Elytra rank (multi 0,3) 109 USD F2P prestige 3 (multi 0,3) 0 USD Totem rank (multi 0,4) 160 USD Platinum bundle (multi 0,5) 98 USD The bundle and rank kits are worthless since you can just level up the pickaxe to a overall maximum of 500 accessable for everyone. Which brings me to my next point: Totem rank is worthless, if the only benefit is better sell prices, which I see it as atm. The multiplier is 0,1 better than f2p players, which is nothing really. I can't see any other benefits of the rank than those two arguments, and I don't see that costing 160 usd. The kit is useless when any given pickaxe can be upgraded to the same maximum. Summary: As I see it atm, there's no actual reason to spend money on the server since you can achieve everything with F2P, once you have earned your first 100t you should be able to rent in on a totem mine, and then have the same sell prices, and with prestige 3 you have the same multiplier as elytra ranked players. Which is nuts? My goal with this post wasn't to cry and make you boost p2w players benefits. but to give it a little advantage of actually investing in your server. At the moment I don't see the benefit. If you rent a pmine, then you should be settled. Anyways I don't see any benefits actually off being higher ranked than member at the current state. Multipliers is where I see you granting irl spenders a benefit the easiest. Here to finish of my post I would like to say, I like the idea of granting a pickaxe multiplier for those whos most productive, and I think that's completely fair, but I feel like the prestige multiplier should stack with ranks and bundles to grant the people who have supported the server some kind of benefit. Its too much of a f2p server atm. Hope you understand what I mean with this post, else I can try and explain in a different way. - GnuffleDK Discord: GnuffleDK#3117