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  1. buddy, People will still use the pshop because only rich people can afford auto sell chopper. People that are a beginner they will use pshop.
  2. I agree with you 100k is too cheap i think it should be 10m
  3. Hi, Dead or Skully Can you please add auto sell choppers Dead, can you please add auto sell hoppers, which is like choppers but when it collects it will sell it for you. To make it fair: 1.people have to buy it for 1m- 20m each. 2. each person can have 4 maximum, which can collect 1 chunk each.3. It only works when they are on. And make auto sell choppers stay after reboot. you can add auto sell chopper in the /shop for 1m-20m. I hope you like my idea. plz check forums plz add