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  1. hey so in skyblock and prison on ultranetwork not a lot of players pvp,i think pvping should be improved because it would add another thing to do when bored .the main reason people dont pvp is because it takes alot of time to either make a gset or to get enough money to buy one and people dont want to spend several days to work on a gset just to fight with it for 5 minutes and then lose it. here are some of my ideas on how to improve it have separate warps for pvp for different game modes make pvp keep inventory but make dying in pvp make you lose a certain amount of money each time add a kit pvp time game mode so players can pvp without worrying about losing all their things add 1v1/2v2 matches to the pvp arena the reason im suggesting this is because i was talking to JackXuca because he recently quit ultranetwork because of the lack of a pvp aspect on the server and adding more pvp based things will bring a new wave of players to the server who are looking for a server they can chat and pvp on. me and jack are willing to help build the arenas if that helps thank you
  2. my idea is to add another level to the generator upgrade in /upgrades but make it quite expensive maybe 10-15 million which will add another ore lets say lapis since it has no other use on the serve, make the chance of lapis ore/block appearing in a generator really low like 0.05% but but make it either very valuable or add a significant amount to is level maybe (maybe something like 1 lapis block = 1k level or make 1 block sell in /shop for like 500k ) this would make mining actually a half viable money source and it may add almost like another currency like sometimes players pay for things with spawners now the people who mine alot could maybe pay for things with lapis blocks. my reasoning behind this is that it lapis currently has no use on the server since enchant tables already have lapis in them and it could encourage people to actively mine. obviously lapis would have to be removed from /shop but i think this could be a great addition. thank you
  3. my suggestion would be a plugin for skyblock something that is like /is settings where you choose things people can do on your island,but instead have it for is members so like you could choose which members could place/break spawners and stuff like that or a rank type system for the island where you can have like leader,co leader member and ranks like that for players on the island. this would stop potential grieffing and it would allow for people to make much larger islands with more players since they wouldnt have to worry about having their island getting destroyed some ideas for the settings you could toggle can they break/place spawners can they kill mobs can they mine ore blocks can they place lava/water can they use redstone can they make shop signs this is my suggestion i hope it gets added since it really sucks when you get griefed and have to almost start over thank you