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  1. Good idea It will be useful when we have a lot of items
  2. I have a suggestion to add a command for withdraw autominer time, it will be useful for sell this in the auction house when you have a lot of autominer time (like 6 hours) command syntax: "/am withdraw <time (s|m|h)>" or "/autominer withdraw <time(s|m|h)>" or an other syntax Here some exemple: /am withdraw 30s : Withdraw 30 secondes of autominer time /am withdraw 15m : Withdraw 15 minutes of autominer time /am withdraw 1h : Withdraw 1 hour of autominer time
  3. Suggestion 1 : I have a idea to add autominer time / multiplier in some crate Common crate : - 5 minutes of autominer (legendary) Rare crate : - 5 minutes of autominer (legendary) - 10 minutes of autominer (legendary) Legendary crate : - 5 minutes of autominer (rare) - 10 minutes of autominer (legendary) - 15 minutes of autominer (legendary) - 0.1 multiplier (10 minutes) (legendary) Mythical crate : - 15 minutes of autominer (legendary) - 20 minutes of autominer (legendary) - 1 Ultra Key (Mythical) - 1 Multi key (Mythical) - Coal rank voucher (Mythical+) (0.05% - 0.2% of chance to win this item) Suggestion 2 : Upgrade money/tokens rewards in some crates (win more money / tokens in crates) because we can easyly win tokens and money by level upping your pickaxe - 10B to 25B in common crate - 20B to 100B in rare crate - 50B to 200B in legendary crate - 100B to 1T in mythical crate - 20 to 100 tokens in common crate - 50 to 200 tokens in rare crate - 100 to 500 tokens in legendary crate - 250 to 1000 tokens in mythical crate - 50 to 1000 tokens in token crate
  4. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Cricri6820 What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: There is a bug on the scoreboard We can't see your tokens or your prestige
  5. There are a lot of servers who have Youtuber rank, so I have a idea to add one or some ranks for Youtubers and it will have the same perks than Gold, Lapis or Redstone rank (You can vote in the poll) Like this server have Spanish / French support, you can also make "EN Youtuber", "SP Youtuber" and "FR Youtuber" but they will have exactly the same perks
  6. I have 4 suggestions Make the tag visible in the French/Spanish chat (when the /fc or /sc is enabled) Add the Title crate where there are some titles for win (You can win this key in a crate or by Voteparty) Add Custom Title in the shop (/donate) Add more tags in the Tag crate (There was over 100 tags in the last saison), for exemple Noob Gamer Demon HellIsHeaven Rainbow Rage Dark ...
  7. I have a idea to add daily / weekly quests in the OP Prison like - Mine 10K blocks - play 1 hour - some others quests
  8. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Cricri6820 What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I have found 2 bugs today - We can't send a special caracter (é, è, ç, à, ...) in the French chat - We can't buy /invsee in the moneycommands The proofs are in this video on Youtube : Sorry if I can't post this video here for these reasons : - This video is too heavy for save in my attachements - You can't attach a .mp4 file in the forum
  9. Add these commands in the moneycommand in Prison - /nick - /chatcolor
  10. For the free rankup, I mean L -> M (mine rank) and not Coal => Iron (donators ranks)
  11. Add some items in Legendary Crate - 1 Ultra Key (Legendary or Mythical) (0.1% - 2%) - 1 Command key (Legendary or Mythical) (0.2% - 3%) - 1 Coal rank voucher (Mythical) (0.05% - 0.2%) - 1 free rankup* (legendary) (0.5% - 3%) * : This item will used automaticly when you win this
  12. Add World Edit for players who have /lc (limited creative), but we can only use this in your own plot With World Edit, we can build faster and win lot of times
  13. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Cricri6820 What is the bug related to?: Website Briefly explain the bug/issue: You have forgeten the letter "K" in the name of item "[Prison/Skyblock] AFK", next to the "Buy" button and above the price
  14. There are tutorials on OP Prison (/tuto)
  15. We can add back Token shop (exemple: buy a multiplier with tokens) For exemple : 30 minutes 0.1 multiplier (stackable) for 10K tokens 30 minutes 0.2 multiplier (stackable) for 20K tokens 30 minutes 0.3 multiplier (stackable) for 30K tokens 30 minutes 0.5 multiplier (stackable) for 50K tokens 1 common key for 500 tokens 1 rare key for 1000 tokens 1 legendary key for 3K tokens 1 tag key for 2K tokens 1 multi key for 100K tokens 1 command key for 70K tokens 1 ultra key for 250K tokens 1 prestige key for 250K tokens Your head for 50K tokens (exemple : if I buy this item and I have a devil's skin with /skin, it will give me a devil's head) You can edit price for these item