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  1. coinflip, or rock paper scissors, would be a good idea to add on both servers, as it might add balance competition between players, keeping the economy alive
  2. add to that the small number of Filipinos in the server, which can be dealt with
  3. I found a plugin that demonstrates what I am trying to conclude:
  4. Since hoppers are now somewhat limited in the islands, and we still need hoppers to work, why not make a new way of collecting items? Introducing The ChestHoppers (You can call it whatever you want but I like that name) It basically is a crop hopper, but better🙂 It can be able to collect all droppable items, so that: a) islands would be less laggy b) it is faster for, say, collect iron ingots that just roaming around the island and collecting them, or make a hopper system for them The chests would work as follows: - The chest would be a normal one, which can be upgraded in 4 forms: auto sell, condense, ignore, collect - If auto sell is picked, the purchaser of the upgrade would automatically gain money, as related with the shop prices, of the item he is collecting, e.g. iron ingots (the same as sell wands) - If condense is picked, the chest collects the condensable item, gold ingots for example, and turn them into gold blocks (the same as condense wands) - If collect is picked, the chest just collects the item(s) and place them in it - If ignore is picked, the item would just fall on the ground, or in the void. I hope this would be added in the next update, it would make our lives easier🙂
  5. Hello, I am trying to make my website with a login and whatever and the usernames and passwords are limited I have made the Html code with its CSS partner: <form class="login-form"> <input type="text" placeholder="username"> This was used as the username <input type="password" placeholder="password"> this was used as the password Now, I'm not that much of a genius in coding as others are, but I'm pretty sure this should work right? RIGHT? Well, whenever I type in the username and password I have placed the username and password box thingy disappears, and I'm still not logged in, anyone knows why?
  6. 12Hearts

    A New VI rank

    I was just wondering and asking my self," Why da heck is the level 6 enchants not found on the server and got ditched?" Introducing The Quartz Role, which is basically VI pieces of stuff, Efficiency VI, Fortune VI, Prot. VI etc. which would be a bit cheaper than Redstone (about 24$) I mean, seriously, why was VI enchants ditched?
  7. Hi, this is 12Hearts/14Lives I just was wondering why isn't there boss spawn eggs that can be bought from buycraft? it can be actually profitable for the server, and the person that bought the egg and the top 3 that did the most damage gets 3 boss keys. The keys will have exclusive items, like Protection 16 items, rank vouchers, a ridiculously amount of money, etc. (you can alter with the prizes, but that's my suggestion.) I see a lot of other servers I play having those keys and stuff. Please consider my suggestion
  8. i lost about 700 blazes in this
  9. Hey, Im 12Hearts. Im pretty sure im one of the left OGs in the server (I have been playing this from S1-beginning of S2)
  10. i first want to know why is this bug a thing then the 60mill will be important
  11. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: 12Hearts What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Basically, I was playing with my friend, Kareem_K, and I wanted to give him a head start to continue playing on your server, so I decided to give him a 20mill donate in /pay. I tried to do it 3 times, and it didn't work even though I have the /pay voucher bought. I tried to relog, finding 60million lost from my account and his account still had nothing, which made him quit the server... Can you please fix this bug and also give me back my 60million? Thank you for listening.