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  1. I would actually do something else. I would recommend something like a bet. So its made by the system and there's like 10 types of bets. So u buy it with money and u can win or lose money depending on which one u go for. So when u pay for example, 10T u gable to win 15T or u lose all 10T. Something like that and the higher u go, the lower the chances of wining. Something like that.
  2. So I find it extremely hard to make money due to my pickaxe in OP-PRISON regardless of my rank. A good pickaxe from a friend from in game at a cost is always nice but not everyone is willing to lend one! Although scamming is not allowed, people are too scared to lend their picks out which I can understand. What if we have a plugin where dead or skully creates a menu and adds something like /rent. When u do that command, u will have 3 options of pickaxes, a 200 pick with exca, a 300 pick with exca and a 500 pick with exca. You could choose for how long, and also which one u want. But it ofc comes with a cost like 30T for 1 hour for the 500 pick and u can only borrow it once a day. So it cant be abused and also will be fare. Although there will be bugs at first. I believe our staff team and our 2 proud owners can handle it and make it work. It would not only help those who need money but it'll help all of us to get off the right foot!